Top 13 Best Karva Chauth Gift Ideas for Wife

Best Karva Chauth Gift Ideas for Wife – Karva Chauth is a one day festival of love between husband and wife which is celebrated in the northern part of India. On this auspicious, day married women take fast for the longevity of their husband and this year in 2018 it falls on “28th October 2018”. It is one of the toughest fast as women’s don’t take a single water of drop before the moonrise. Well the women take fast on this day, it’s story and puja vidhi could be found on my other articles here on this page I am going to share the list of best karva chauth gift ideas for wife on this auspicious day. As your better half never asked for the gift on the day and it’s not mandatory but if you gift her she will feel happy and bonding of love become stronger as you both care about each others.

In the provided link above you can read detail information about Karva Chauth for the list of Karva Chauth Gift ideas for your better half please scroll down and at last of the articles don’t forget to share your experience or suggestion regarding the Best Karva Chauth gift Ideas.

Complete List of Karva Chauth Gift Ideas for Wife



Take Fast for Your Wife

As this day your wife keep fast for your longevity in return you can also take fast for her on this day and don’t let her know before the evening I am sure she shocked and surprised to know that and love you more than her.

Gift Her Sari (Saree) on Karwa Chauth

One of the best Gift options on this auspicious day you can gift a beautiful sari to your wife of her favorite color or designed. It could be ethnic, traditional or party wear sari. In case you are not well versed with latest trend saree then can take help of your friends / family member or directly visit to nearest shop and take advice of Shopkeeper on latest trend sari’s.

Designer Cloth

As modern girl don’t feel much comfortable in Saree and your wife also one of them then don’t go for saree instead go for the designer clothes. You can browse the google for the latest trend designer cloth and can book one for your wife or can visit the market for the same.

Chocolate or Sweets

You gift her packet of sweets or basket with full chocolate as per your partners taste and flavors if she loves sweets more than chocolates then gift her the packet of Bengali Rasgulla, Ras Malai or any other sweets which she like and the best thing is that it comes in under budget :P.  well it’s joke apart she feel happy after getting the gift from you.

A Designer Handbag

The another gift in the row is a handbag which she could carry to her next Karva Chauth or any other place whenever she goes and can keep her treasure and valuables in it.

Personalized Gift

We all know the importance of personalized gift, so you can gift it to her on this day as well as several online personalized gifts are available some of them are “Personalized Photo Frame”, “A mug or cup of coffee with your image ” or an “personalized table top” you can opt out anything from it.

Makeup Kit

Don’t take it wrong as some Husband went to their wife with a piece of single lipstick or nail polish come on Mr. Hubby, it’s a not a ordinary day so be generous on this day and gift her good quality makeup kit. It’s something that can never get you wrong.

Stylist Shoes

You might have noticed that every time your wife goes to mall with you, she stops by a shoe showroom and then just does some window shopping and comes back to you. Then it’s a clue for your Mr. husband you can gift these shoes to her as well.


All time favorite for some girls you can gift her a teddy as well on Karva Chauth day.

A Dinner Made By You

If you know little bit about cooking then can surprise her by making her favorite dinner incase your are not well versed with cooking not to worry you can take help online for this as several online video and tutorial are available. She will surely fall in love with your dedication and showing your love towards her via this food.

Renovated Wedding Album

This one is for those couple or husband whose marriage life is 10+ years and already tried the above mentioned gifts in this article and they want to gift her something special and touching then present her renovated wedding album with a simple red rose and show your feelings to her.

Luxurious Spa

A luxurious Spa treatment on the day of Karva Chauth would be a great idea to make your wife happy and relaxed.


Jewellery is so close to every Indian women’s heart but be careful while choosing for your better half don’t pick a design that is decades old instead pick a stylish jewelery for her it could be  A ring, Ear Ring, Pendant,  Mangalsutra whatever suits your budget can choose the right gift for your wife.

If you already tired any of these ideas can share your experience with us and also suggest what we could add in this list so that other husband can take benefit of it and don’t forget to like and share.

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